Closing the Main Stage at 6pm

Heidi Ott

HEIDI OTT PROMO PHOTO (2)Heidi Ott is a singer/songwriter from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania who went to Ireland for a short visit that somewhat unexpectedly turned into a very long one. After exploring her secret passion for singing during her time in the country, she made a recording as a keepsake to take back to the States. Soon after her return home, Irish Producer and Musician Wayne P. Sheehy of Ocean Studios Ireland came across the recording, and reached out to Heidi with an invitation to collaborate.

Special Guest Performer

Laurence Juber

LJPS4085137Fusing folk, jazz and pop styles, two-time Grammy-winner Laurence Juber creates a multifaceted performance that belies the use of only one acoustic guitar.
First internationally recognized as lead guitarist in Beatle Paul McCartney's band Wings, Laurence Juber has since established himself as a world-renowned guitar virtuoso, composer and arranger.
Juber, known to his fans as LJ, has released 23 solo albums which spotlight Juber’s unique touch and tone on solo acoustic guitar.
The latest is Fingerboard Road, featuring thirteen tunes that encompass a spectrum from those that have a deep personal resonance, to others that are representative of particular styles or musical eras, mostly 1960s and ‘70s, the period when he ‘came of age’ as a musician.


UMGF Main Stage Line up is as follows:

12:00 PM

Ed Madonio

12:12 PM

Rick and Cindy Benjamin, Bob McFadden and Margaret Prunty

12:24 PM

Don Hurley with Greg and Leanne Kendig

12:36 PM

Matt and Jeff Carroll- the Carroll Collective

12:48 PM

Doug Adams (deadams000)

1:00 PM

Brian Murphy

1:12 PM

Rosemarie Ratvasky

1:24 PM

Mike and Taylor McKinnon

1:36 PM

Tony Philips

1:48 PM

Fred Kagan

2:00 PM

Paul Ukena, Frank Krupit and Spoon Phillip

2:12 PM

Adrian Sharp and John Hall

2:24 PM

Frank Gatyas

2:36 PM

Danny & Matt Kerr

2:48 PM

Rhys Ord and Maury Rutch


Special Guest Performer

Laurence Juber

3:00 PM

4:00 PM

Phil Probst

4:12 PM

Mark Pessar

4:24 PM

Ed Marra

4:36 PM

Skye Vansaun

4:48 PM

Jack Colgan

5:00 PM

Bill Nedela

5:12 PM

Todd Yates

5:24 PM

Craig Mayhan

5:36 PM

Jim Behnke

5:48 PM - 6:00 PM

Finale, All

Second Stage Line up is as follows:

1:00 PM Faith Gabrielle
1:30 PM Erin Kelly
2:00 PM Beautiful Distortion
3:00 PM Adam
3:30 PM Connie Edinger Trio
4:00 PM Miller’s Way
4:30 PM Tim Butler
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM John Roy